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Castle Sieges, Guilds, Wars

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Guild Administrator

Creating an AllianceEdit

To create an alliance, the establishing guild must meet two conditions:

  • Be at least level 5
  • Have at least 2,500,000 Gold

Any guildmaster who's guild fulfills these conditions can talk to the Guild Administrator NPC in a main city to establish an alliance. Alliance titles may be up to 16 letters long and will appear above a character's guild name. Spaces, special characters, and numbers cannot be used.

A maximum of five (5) guilds may be in an alliance. Only guilds level 4 and above may be invited to join.

Alliance Information UI configurationEdit

  • Information can be found by selecting alliance guild alliance tab window
  • Tab, the button is disabled if you do not join an alliance is not available.
  • Alliance coupon can write alliance announcements, and create up to 512 characters.
  • Alliance announcements create a symbol, English, Korean, spacing, etc. can register freely without restriction.
  • How to alliance invited

Alliance invited from the alliance tab select the button you want to invite, guild name entered.

Alliance ChatEdit

  • You can use Shift + & key input alliance chat.
  • Alliance by adding chat options can be used.

Alliance guild siege rulesEdit

  • Siege / Mercury alliance guild called Guild Poor application / Because even if the enemy can be.

Alliance ManagementEdit

Leaving an AllianceEdit

Guildmasters are responsible for removing their guild from an alliance. Individual characters may not leave (or join) alliances. Guilds that have removed themselves from an alliance for more than 12 hours become ineligible to rejoin that alliance.

Kicking Alliance MembersEdit

A guild may be removed from an alliance regardless of whether they have members online or not. After being out of an alliance for 12 hours, a guild becomes ineligible to rejoin that alliance.

Disbanding an AllianceEdit

The guildmaster of an alliance's establishing guild may disband the alliance by talking to the Guild Administrator NPC. Once an alliance has been disbanded, the alliance title may never be reused.