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Item Merchant

While creating runed equipment is like fine tuning an instrument, enchanting your gear is like bringing in a new band member. Enchanting increases the base stats on an item, enhancing its overall performance in combat.

To enchant a piece of equipment, you must purchase an armor or weapon enchant scroll from an Item Merchant. The enchanting interface can be accessed by pressing “U.” Once you’ve got that open, drag in the icon of the equipment you wish to enchant, then the applicable enchant scroll. If the enchantment is successful, your equipment will become +1.

Higher quality equipment can reach a higher level of enchantment. But be careful! After +10 the magical enhancements cause equipment to become brittle. You can use Enchant Stones and Protection Scrolls to safeguard your equipment during further enchantments.


What You Need

  • 1,000 gold
  • Common or higher grade equipment
  • Weapon or Armor Enchant Scroll

Optional ItemsEdit

  • Enchant Stones
  • Protection Scrolls

Enchanting LimitsEdit

Enchanting Bracket Possible Outcomes Equipment Grades
+1 to +5 +/-1 or No Change Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Heroic, Legendary
+6 to +9 +/-1 or No Change Rare, Epic, Heroic, Legendary
+10 +/-1, No Change, or Break Rare, Epic, Heroic, Legendary
+11 to +15 +/-1, No Change, or Break Heroic, Legendary