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Alliances, Castle Sieges, Wars

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Guild Administrator

Creating a GuildEdit

To create a guild, a character must meet four conditions:

  • Not be in a guild
  • Be level 20 or higher
  • Have at least 10,000 Gold
  • Be allied with Eos or Dione

Any character fulfilling these conditions can talk to the Concierge NPC in a main city to establish a guild. Guild names may be up to 16 letters long. Spaces, special characters, and numbers cannot be used.

Guild Levels and BenefitsEdit




Member Limit Benefits
1 - 10
  • Guild Notification System
  • Guild Chat
  • Guild Ranks
  • Skill: Defense Mastery
2 100 20
  • Guild Storage
  • Skill: Offense Mastery
3 500 30
  • Guild Name Registration
  • Guild Crest Registration
  • Skill: Research Magic
4 2000 40
  • Siege War Access
  • Skill: Imprinting
  • Skill: Build Camp
5 5000 50
  • Alliance Establishment

Guild ReputationEdit

Guild reputation is earned as a percentage of overall reputation gained by a character. By default, 1 guild reputation is earned for every 100 character reputation earned. This rate may be altered in the guild settings.

Guild ManagementEdit

  • Guildmasters set permission levels
  • Guildmasters may appoint up to three Vice-Guildmasters

Guild TitlesEdit

  • Guilds level 3 or higher Guildmaster members of your guild to guild and guild title and set a personal designation, nominal setting permissions can be granted.
  • Guild title unified applies to the entire guild.
  • Where you can specify the nominal personal guild guild guild rather than the entire individual title
  • character * personal title: do not subscribe to the guild if the level was more than 40, you can set a personal designation. / Private designation desired nominal 'Name'
  • Guild Private Guild designation applies to the title and individuals set personal designation does not apply.
  • You can enter up to 16 characters, and the title spaces and symbols / English / Korean mix.
  • Standby time of 5 minutes to re-register after the release title.

Transferring GuildmasterEdit

The Guildmaster position may be transferred by right-clicking the desired character in-game. The new Guildmaster must meet these conditions:

  • Be level 10 or higher
  • Is not a Knight
  • Is not part of a warring guild
  • Is not part of an allied guild

Once submitted, a request to transfer guild ownership cannot be rejected.

Leaving a GuildEdit

  • Guildmasters must transfer leadership to another character within the guild before they can leave
  • All guild skills are removed upon leaving a guild
  • Any character who has left a guild may join another guild after an eight hour cooldown

Kicking Guild MembersEdit

  • Guildmasters and officers cannot be kicked without first transferring leadership or being demoted
  • All guild skills are removed upon being kicked from a guild
  • Any character who has been kicked from a guild may join another guild after an eight hour cooldown

Disbanding a GuildEdit

A Guildmaster may disband their guild by talking to the Concierge NPC. To disband a guild, these conditions must be met:

  • No items are stored in the guild warehouse
  • A war is not currently going on
  • Guild is not signed up for a siege
  • Guild does not own a castle
  • Guild is not part of an alliance

Once a guild has been disbanded, the guild name may never be reused.