Quest TypesEdit

There are three different types of quests: scenario, normal, and guild.

Scenario QuestEdit

  • Follow the main storyline
  • Often specific to a world region or character class
  • Are connected, or "chained," to other scenario quests and must be completed in sequence

Normal QuestEdit

  • Mostly daily, repeatable, or event quests
  • Sometimes limited to character class or race
  • Often focus on a single task to be completed

Guild QuestEdit

  • Mostly repeatable and event quests
  • Occasionally involve raids in instance dungeons requiring clearing the dungeon or defeating a boss
  • Quests grant guild reputation to your guild upon completion
  • Activate only when you are in a guild
    • If you leave your guild after accepting or starting a guild quest, it will be removed automatically

Quest Mark ColorsEdit

Quest Type Quest Available In Progress Quest Complete Repeatable Quest Repeatable Quest In Progress Repeatable Quest Complete
Scenario Scenario Quest1 Quest NotComplete Scenario Quest2 Scenario Quest3 Quest NotComplete Scenario Quest2
Normal Normal Quest1 Quest NotComplete Normal Quest2 Normal Quest3 Quest NotComplete Normal Quest2
Guild Guild Quest1 Quest NotComplete Guild Quest2 Guild Quest3 Quest NotComplete Guild Quest2
LowLvlQuest These icons signify low level quests. Regular colored Quest Available icons turn silver when your level becomes 10 levels higher than the required level of this quest.

Table from official Aeria wiki