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Rune Meister

It won’t be long before you come across your first piece of equipment with rune capabilities. You might even find a rune or two! The rune system in Dragon Knights Online allows you to add stats of your choice to your equipment to increase its effectiveness in combat. Runes giving +20 Intellect or +30 Block are just two of the dozens of stats you can find.

When trading or selling runed equipment, rune sockets will be wiped clean.

Be aware while playing with runes. If you fail the rune mounting, other runes that are already mounted, will vanish. ex. "You have a sword with a red rune mounted, and want to mount a yellow rune, but the mounting fails, then both the red and the yellow rune disappers."


What You NeedEdit

  • Common or higher grade equipment
  • Rune of appropriate color

Where Runes Come FromEdit

  • Looting monsters
  • Salvaging
  • Rune combination
  • Player shops

Rune GradesEdit

Runes are ranked by grade, starting at grade I. The better a rune’s grade, the higher its stats are. In addition, each rune grade can only be mounted in equipment of a high enough level to properly harness its magical properties. For example, level 10 gear can take grade I runes, while level 35 gear can take grade III runes.

Rune Grade Equipment Level
I 1-19
II 20-29
III 30-39
IV 40-49
V 50

Rune CombinationEdit

The Rune Meister in Ledise will combine two runes of the same grade for a variable fee. Her combiner is perfectly tuned to smash runes together at a blazing speed, resulting in a random new rune... sometimes of a higher grade.
Rune Grade Combination Fee
I 100 gold
II 200 gold
III 300 gold
IV 400 gold
V 500 gold

Rune MountingEdit

To mount a rune into a piece of equipment, open the rune mounting interface by pressing “E.” Place your piece of equipment into the middle slot, then your desired rune into the proper color socket.

Socket ColorsEdit

Runes are mounted in colored sockets, the color of which must match the color of the rune you are mounting in it. For example, you can mount a red rune in a red socket; but you can’t mount a blue rune in a yellow socket. White runes are special and may be mounted in any color socket.

The order of mounting runes, must also be kept. You must mount a red rune before you can mount a yellow rune, before you can mount a blue rune ect.

The higher the quality of your equipment, the more socket colors it will have available and the more runes you can mount in it. All socket colors become available in the same order, so you will find yourself using some rune colors more frequently than others. The most basic socket color is red.

Rune Color Min Equipment Grade
Red Common
Yellow Uncommon
Blue Rare
Green Epic
Black Heroic
White Legendary

Rune RemovalEdit

Removing a rune takes a specialized set of skills, so visit the Rune Meister in Ledise if you need a rune removed. For a small fee, she’ll clean out any rune socket you need. Removing a rune renders its magical properties inert, so it is destroyed in the process.
Rune Grade Removal Fee
I 100 gold
II 200 gold
III 300 gold
IV 400 gold
V 500 gold