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Enchanting, Potionmaking, Runes

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Salvaging is at the core of equipment upgrading. Alchemists located in the main cities can help you salvage your old equipment for a moderate fee and a jar of the proper solvent. Common items that may be salvaged from equipment include crystals and runes. If your Alchemist is in a good mood, he may take more care with his work and salvage something special!

The items gained through salvaging can be used for potionmaking, which an Alchemist will also do for you, or in the rune system.


What You NeedEdit

  • 500 gold
  • Uncommon or higher grade equipment
  • Solvent
  • 3 or more free backpack slots

What You GetEdit

  • Crystals (always)
  • Runes (sometimes)
    • Rune grade depends on grade of salvaged equipment
  • Enchant Stones (very rarely)


Location Name
Redise City Karalimos
Laden City Metavon
Emtlant City Cova
Kronov Matthieu
Unknown Piros
Unknown Kerai