Felynx Shadowmage GearEdit

FShad T01 C1

Tier 01 Color 1

Your basic little black dress, complete with matching stockings and gloves.

Felynx Shadowmage starting gear.

Level 1
FShad T01 C2

Tier 01 Color 2

Smooth and silky, the deep blue fabric invokes memories of camping in the Twilight Forest.

Optional Felynx Shadowmage starting gear.

Level 1-10
FShad T01 C3

Tier 01 Color 3

This shade is known as "pomp and power."

Optional Felynx Shadowmage starting gear.

Level 1-10
FShad T02

Tier 02

Inspired by the blue skies of Balt and woven from native spider silk

Level 16-20
FShad T03

Tier 03

Reminiscent of ancient battle wizard garb... with a modern edge.

Level 21-25
FShad T04 C1

Tier 04 Color 1

A little flare for the dramatic is always fashionable, especially when it's maroon.

Level 25-30
FShad T04 C2

Tier 04 Color 2

Hot pink with stainless steel plating, this piece screams "don't mess with me."

Level 25-30
FShad T05 C1

Tier 05 Color 1

Feel like a mermaid in these bright aqua ruffles.

Level 30-35
FShad T05 C2

Tier 05 Color 2

Royal purple velvet and burnished silver are classy choices.

Level 30-35
FShad T05 C3

Tier 05 Color 3

Be someone's sunshine today!

Level 30-35